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Domestic Garden Care

At Elliott Groundcare we pride ourselves on the quality of our garden care. We look after many gardens all over Devon and Cornwall from small back gardens to large private estates. We are qualified horticulturalists and have extensive knowledge of how to maintain your grounds to a standard to be proud of.

We offer a tailor made service to meet your needs from on off jobs to regular garden care. We are reliable, have exceptional customer service and have a very high attention to detail. 

Elliott Groundcare
Elliott Groundcare
Elliott Groundcare
Elliott Groundcare
Elliott Groundcare
Elliott Groundcare
Elliott Groundcare
Elliott Groundcare

Here of some of the services we provide:

Grass cutting

  • We have the machinery to cut any sized area from the largest of private estates to small back gardens.

  • When we cut grass, we strim all edges before mowing and always blow down hard areas after mowing so there is no mess.

  • We use the most up to date equipment, which is serviced regularly; this enables us to keep the grass tidy and we try to leave no lying grass where possible.

Hedge trimming

  • We have the equipment to cut any sized hedge.

  • All hedge clippings are removed from site (if requested) and no clippings left lying.

  • We can keep hedges looking neat and tidy throughout the year.

Lawn treatment

  • Fertilising

  • Scarifying

  • Vertidraining

  • Spiking

  • Top dressing

  • Herbicide, pesticide and fungicide treatment

  • Moss control

  • Over seeding

Tree works

  • We are able to tackle any tree works from ground level.

  • If climbing is involved we will sub contract in qualified arborists.

Bed, Borders and Planting

  • We are qualified in horticulture and keep beds and borders looking neat and tidy.

  • We prune all shrubs and cut back all plants at correct time of year.

  • We have vast experience in planting and can liaise with you to create a planning scheme to fit your needs and budget.

Weed control

We hold up to date spraying certificates and use:

  • Total weed killer,

  • Selective weed killer,

  • Fertiliser application (liquid or granular)

  • Moss and algae killer

Leaf clearance

  • Sites blown down on each visit

  • Leaves cleared in line with clients needs

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